About Us

Accolade Leadership is based in Kenya, clients are welcome from Kenya, East Africa or International sources, and activity is carried out at a purpose-built centre or can be delivered to a location of the clients’ choice.

The company has a high profile and has and is delivering – Team Building, Leadership and Management, residential if required, and Fun away days, to both small and large groups, companies and corporates. Conference and Strategy facilitation including management analysis is also undertaken by Accolade.

The Accolade centre is at a safe and secure stunning bush location, 45 km from Nairobi. The setting provides people with an excellent platform to train and get a unique experience in their own seclusion in a retreat environment. Accolade provides a unique and innovative blend of training which is exciting, mentally challenging and for the large part practically based. A fine balance of desktop and practical exercises is used. There are excellent facilities and outdoor stances. Programmes can be adapted if a client wants to input target subjects as well.

The impact of the activity is for people to be able to say ‘Wow, it was great and very useful!’ and take away an experience which will last and be valuable in the work place not just for today but tomorrow too. Costs are economic, competitive and beat the market.

Training focus is to get people out and about and with a ‘Lets do it’ momentum, steering away from lengthy classroom sessions. Training is designed to highest specification and instructional techniques.